TGM Kanis Turbinen

We are a medium sized company based in Nuremberg, which has been formed in 2004 as Kanis Turbinen GmbH from employees of the former AEG Kanis, ABB Turbinen Nürnberg and ABB Alstom Power Turbinen. In 2006 the company changed its name associated with a 50% involvement of the TGM Turbinas Ltda. into TGM Kanis Turbinen GmbH. 2010 the company moved into its own premises located in a business park,  Nuremberg-Feucht, Am Flachmoor 6. TGM Kanis has actually more than 65 employees.


Engineering & Construction

TGM Kanis supplies complete turbosets either as a
package design or as an individual installation on a concrete foundation

TGM Kanis has followed former AEG Kanis´ design principles when developing their own industrial steam turbines. Special effort has been made to achieve a robust design for industrial applications with very high load changes and at the same time high internal efficiencies.

Having standardized the steam turbine frames CT and BT, TGM Kanis is able to cover a very wide range of utilization and can offer reliable and econo mical solutions for almost all industrial applications.

Further information concerning “New projects and planning” will be found in our Product catalog.


24h taking care of your machine –
Our service team is available around the clock for your needs

Our objective is to take care of your industrial steam turbine by means of a sustainable, consistent and high quality service, so that you can rely on your equipment.

We serve our clients at any time as a competent and reliable partner.

The service will enable customers to a reliable plant operation at maximum availability. All resulting inherent technical challenges will be managed quickly and reliably.

Further information concerning „Services“ will be found in our Service brochure.